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Even do not know these, how to adjust the EQ?

Time:2017/8/10 11:30:21

What are the mistakes that beginners can make on EQ? We're going to have to sort it all out and let you know, and tell you how to conquer these problems. EQ is a very difficult thing to do. It can be super easy to use, help you sculpt your work, or make your work sound very destructive. Especially if you made any of the following mistakes:

You turned the wrong knob

This is the first rookie mistake, but it's worth mentioning. If you adjust the frequency knob without adjusting the gain knob, then you are not adjusting EQ. This is a serious mistake, because in fact you are not adjusting to anything.

If the size of gain is zero, then moving any frequency knob doesn't strengthen anything. And don't think it's ridiculous, I've seen a few times that people don't understand, do the same thing over and over again and want to do the EQ action.

2. You didn't filter

The filter changes the first step of EQ. It's like cleaning up the clutter in your room before you decorate your room. All Musical Instruments have their own frequency range, which will prevent you from mixing in other instruments. Don't be afraid of filters. This is the best way to get rid of low frequencies and clean up your instruments. Filter out the low frequency of the guitar to mix in bass, and then clear out the unnecessary high frequencies of the instrument.

You increase the volume excessively

Sometimes you really need to strengthen some frequencies to achieve the effect of the bounce, but don't overdo it. Stepping up to 20 decibels is really asking for trouble. When you're increasing the frequency, you're adjusting the frequency at a certain stage, which increases the volume so much that it's possible to mix more noise into the song.

To adjust EQ in a weakened way, this is a way to make your voice cleaner. By weakening your unwanted frequency, you will repeat the audio you want to emphasize. For example, the effect of weakening the low frequency is equal to the enhancement of high frequency. Don't overstep the volume, switch to conservative whittling.

You weaken a wide range of frequencies

A simple goal:

Broad Boosts, Narrow Cut enhancement in a wide range of frequencies, weaken in a small range of frequency, reducing frequency, you can reduce the Q value. To think about the cut frequency in an anatomical way. You're taking away the frequency you don't want, but you have to be careful not to cut off the soul of the instrument.

You increase the frequency of narrow ranges

Same as that, but on the contrary. Only increasing the frequency of a small band can make the sound be affected. Increasing the frequency of a very small range to 20 decibels will result in a sonic boom that is more likely to be offensive. Increase the frequency of the larger range to make the sound more smooth.

You increase the same frequency on the five instruments

This ensures that all frequencies are played together, leading to mixed and dirty mixing. Think of it as a separate problem. You have some apples, and you have to give them to a group of people. Likewise, you've got some instruments that you're going to use to split up the spectrum and send them to different frequencies. Drums, BASS, wooden guitars and vocals can't be together at 4 hz and up to 12 decibels. Find out how often the instruments can match each other, and then let them spread out. At the same time, if you're increasing the frequency of a certain number of instruments, it's usually a good idea to cut the frequency of the overlap between the instruments. Evenly split the frequency in the instrument, the mixing will achieve a better separation effect, and make the sound clearer.

EQ is your best friend

The frequency regulator is one of the most powerful weapons in your Arsenal, but if you don't use it, you can make your work even worse. I hope you don't make too many of these taboos, after all I know I've made so many mistakes.

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