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Rational talk about the relationship between power and sound

Time:2017/7/7 15:20:04
General audio game player in the mind is not included in the overall scheme of power supply of sound system and performance consideration, in fact the sound system by the power supply of prime quality have great influence, especially in the modern high frequency communication equipment with the environment, the power Home Furnishing in pollution becomes more and more serious and affected sound system sound. In order to improve the power supply purity of the power supply, we can consider it in many ways.
The first is to install the power filter. The sound system is the most affected "contact" transmission of electromagnetic interference, by lighting a motor device, refrigerator and washing machine of the light pipe, and even power high frequency noise generated by the computer will mercilessly into the sound system of sensitive circuit. Although the high frequency noise is far beyond the range of hearing, the magic ears can feel the deterioration of sound quality. The high frequency noise does have an "modulation" effect on the audio signal, and the most direct solution is to install the power filter.
In addition to public power filter, also has good effect of "power processor", usually the price is expensive, but the effect is significant, can effectively remove impurities and maximize the power supply, equipment should be sound. Some well-designed power filters also perform well in terms of power, capacity, and dynamics.
Another power and equipment associated with the same things easily neglected, strictly speaking "ground" is actually a part of power, but "ground" usually involves the allocation of power supply system of buildings during the construction period has been the default. Generally speaking, buildings do not do special processing for "grounding" of sound equipment, so the general "ground connection" is not ideal. Good grounding can effectively inhibit the electromagnetic interference on the quality of the sound, in the conditions permit, may require professionals to erect the building ground wire.
The other part is the audio equipment itself "ground", sometimes in between the shell source and amplifier connected to a ground wire can significantly help to the quality, this is the zero potential role in the integration of equipment, also helps to restrain the electromagnetic wave on sound quality performance. Of course, involved in the field of radio frequency interference, seemingly obscure ground wire, in fact, need to be carefully selected, and even the direction of the connection is different, there will be audible differences.
With the "landing" on another topic is "phase of the power supply, power line usually audio equipment are IEC Standard Specification, followed by the wall socket and internal wiring is in accordance with the IEC standard definition to the construction, although the incorrect configuration does not affect the use of electrical appliances, but let the sound system the sound quality is affected by. In addition, the use of two power plug audio equipment, in a different direction of electricity actually will be the voice of different performance (two power line into the firing line and the zero line), the power socket differences and not in accordance with the standard IEC device are affected by the same. Sound players can try to determine the sound changes.
A good set of audio equipment, power supply and ground is an inseparable whole, good "ground" helps to increase the power of purity, in power by the serious pollution situation, power processing is to pay attention to is not the lack of sound system of equipment.
Pure power supply allows the audio equipment to play the highest potential, that is, to restore the original sound quality should be sound, good grounding is part of the good power supply. The consistency between the phase of the power supply equipment integrated with zero potential, play the best set of sound system power supply rejection performance, blocking all affect the sound quality of noise reduction, the best original music.
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