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On the basis of high-quality talents and professional products, strict and scientific work attitude, rich experience and X5 company's business philosophy "We produce the most suitable product for you instead of the best; there is no best but better", each project and performance along with our tireless efforts is a milestone for X5 company, in consequence, we won general praise from our customers and specialists.

X5 company's outstanding performance results from the Research and Development team's continuous pursuit of perfection. We have professional members specializing in DSP digital technology research, basic unit research, engineering application technology and tone quality appraisal, which is the guarantee of our customers' trust.

Our products have been sold to all around the world by co-operating with partners from China. At present, our business scope covers professional DSP digital peripheral equipment, karaoke speaker, professional entertainment speaker, HI-FI professional power amplifier, other relevant peripheral equipment and so on.

X5 company's products mainly apply to commercial high-class sound reinforcement area and we spare no effort to keep building a better professional integrated audio system. Our products are famous for the pursuit of perfect tone quality. Within just a few years' time, the products of X5 company have already been spread out to all parts of China. What's more, with the superior performance and stable using effects, our company widely gets approval from dealers, professional engineering agents and end-users.

We provide diversified combination of professional audio products for our guests. In the meantime, we also offer certain analysis on the feasibility of sound reinforcement system match, and together we grow up with our customers. We believe that if you choose "X5", meaning you choose a royal partner who offers you high-quality product and excellent service.

"X5" company will continuously provide music with rich and reliable tools by its extraordinary quality!

Our Duty:

We produce the most suitable product for you instead of the best

There is no best but better

Our Vision

Establish ourselves as a world-class digital preamp enterprise

Business Philosophy


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