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Marketing Manager
1、 College degree or above, with excellent oral communication capability.
2、 Having experience of team managing and more than 2 years' work in audio industry.
3、 Working actively, being able to quickly fit in the demand of company's rapid development and work under pressure.

4、Strong desire for success. Priority to those who dare to challenge high salary.

1、Responsible for the sale and promotion of products in On-line and market.
2、Finding new customers, actively promote and sale the products.
3、Fully understand customers' request, finish the managing job of customers and the sales mission.
4、Having strong service awareness, being able to keep a long term relationship with customers.
5、Company will offer wide space for development.

Open recruitment, Fair competition, enlist according to merits
Enlist according to capability:fair competition, select the superior
We manage to raise our employees' moral rules and spirit as well as help them achieve the value of life.
Basic requirements for employees:
1、Pioneering spirit: aggressiveness, seize opportunity, dare to explore, good at summarizing
2、Precise working style: be responsible for the job, spare no effort and meticulosity.
3、Dedicated attitude: honesty, integrity, diligent and loyalty to the company.
4、Extraordinary talent: professional, good at learning, multiply skills.

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