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Time:2018/9/19 15:14:46

Model: MK-2
SNR/left and right channels(1 kHz, 0dB): 90dB
CEN channel: 87dB
SUB channel: 87dB
Separation: 75dB
Frequency response/music: 10-30kHz
Microphone: 20-15KHZ
Adjustable range of tone quality/bass of music: +/-10dB(100HZ)
Treble: +/-10dB(10KHZ)
Bass of microphone: +/-10dB(100HZ)
Treble: +/-5dB(10KHZ)
Microphone silencing value: overriding voltage: 3mV, turn on time: 3s 
Distortion: (1KHZ,30MV)0.03%  
Size(WHD):  483×44×208mm
Voltage: AC220-240V/50-60HZ

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