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X8 Power Amplifier One Drag Two

Time:2019/10/4 10:11:42

项目内容1. The newly designed panel has novel design, rearranged keys and twists, more visual appeal, large size display window, and thicker metal panel.

2. More powerful, six-in-one all-digital DSP processor: effect, mixing, balancing, bandpass, limiting, suppressing feedback

3.3.2 inch 320X240 resolution, 65000 color LCD color display window. It is shown in English.

4. Built-in strong feedback suppression module, with three levels of inhibition, completely solve the screaming problem, screaming nowhere to escape.

5. Up to 15 scene modes are saved, one-button switching is realized, and various excellent performance digital reverberation functions are available. Through precise DSP processor, the reverberation effect can be adjusted more accurately and satisfactorily.

6. High-quality motherboard, specially for fever, high-quality capacitors, high-level resistors are selected, and used for scientific layout, so that the mainframe works stably and smoothly for a long time.

7. Authentic computer tuning software, USB driver-free use, more convenient and fast, all parameters are clearly visible, so you can easily become a master tuner.

8. At the same time, support remote tuning, enrich your tuning means

9. Up to 105DB SNR, background music is extremely clean, away from murmurs.

10. High Performance Full Digital Processing Chip, AD 96KHZ 24-bit, D/A 255MHZ 32bit DSP Processor

11. 7-segment balanced voice, up to 15-segment DSP digital balanced voice, accurate compensation for inadequate voice line, so that voice and voice more beautiful, more pleasant.

12. Microphone auto-silencing function, lower bottom noise

13. Professional Canon output, easy to connect all kinds of power amplifiers

350W*2,8 per output
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