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Time:2018/9/17 15:34:50

1.Huge precise LCD screen that manifests the voltage: AC110-240V
2.General-use pure copper phosphorus socket that is available for maximum power 3250W
3.The control relay for each channel is 250V/30A, which is definitely enough for 3300W power amplifier. However, please don't connect with too many amplifiers with high power so as to keep safe
4.8 channels output in sequence. The input voltage is AC110V-240V and the output voltage is also AC110V-240V
5.Two-face 2A copper circuit ensures the heavy current go through fluently. The inner wire is made of copper with high purity and the leader cable is 3*6 square wire with high quality

Nominal output voltage:alternating voltage 220V, 60Hz 
Controllable power: 8 channels
Action delay time for each channel: 1 second
Power supply: VAC 50/60Hz 30A
Indicating light for each channel's output
Power is controlled by switch
Nominal output current for each channel: 30A
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