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What are the environmental factors that affect the sound playback?

Time:2017/4/12 10:11:38

We are tasting a stereo sound, the most concern is the electronic equipment, horn, wire and other hardware factors, there are also many other factors we can not easily be perceived; acoustic characteristics of the sound of the horn, reinfusion of external shock, resonance and listen to the listening room environment.
Speaker sound feedback:
When listening to the stereo, the acoustic horn will shake the walls, roof and floor, and even some direct or indirect impact sound equipment, these vibrations through different ways; for example, the audio frame, such as air, with the speed and intensity of different successively fed back to the equipment, the equipment to vibrate and produce their own resonance lead, sound system in the operation of the electron flow produced subtle changes in the electronic circuit and make changes in the voice, which sounds a bit fuzzy causing slight distortion.
Environmental resonance characteristics:
The resonant frequency has its inherent object according to the material, shape and size of the different, when added to the external vibration energy on the object, if the frequency is equal or close to the resonant frequency, the body will become synchronous vibration resonance.
The resonant listening environment is more complex, if the natural frequency will produce resonance frequency is close to the music room, if using the spectrum analyzer test room frequency response curve will be like a dragon like uneven, whether you use the audio equipment to senior, will subject to the acoustic characteristics of the room. The resonance phenomenon is harmful in most cases, it will increase the noise and accelerate the fatigue damage of the equipment.
What is the way to eliminate or reduce the inherent resonance of the listening room, so that the frequency response is flat, so that the sound system has a good voice? This is the physical properties of objects can not be eliminated, can only weaken. For example, the rectangular room is easier to handle the resonance, and the square room will produce a standing wave is particularly difficult to deal with. Fans also believe that such a triangle near field can also reduce the impact of low-frequency resonance.
External vibration factor:
If you listen to the room adjacent to the roadside, factories, construction sites, elevator room, pump room, etc., are very susceptible to noise or ultra low frequency interference, audio equipment due to the vibration caused by the noise blurred.
Into this problem, or to move, or to simulate the studio design, in the house to do with a room outside the isolation of the room, do enough noise measures, can reduce or eliminate the impact of external shocks.
The acoustic characteristics of the listening room include not only the proportion and the size of the room, but also the reverberation of the materials used in the listening room, the decoration materials, the arrangement, the standing wave, the sound reflection and the sound diffraction. A sofa, a curtain will change the frequency of the original listening room. Some simple changes can be predicted or calculated, but more complex with the help of professional measurement.
If there is a change in the object after listening to the room, it will follow the changes in the acoustic properties, and even affect the placement and adjustment of the sound system, the reflection or sound absorption material layout changes. So, in the arrangement and adjustment suggestions fancier sound, should also take into account the acoustical properties of the room, choose small furniture, decoration effect on the sound, and with the RGP board, Room Ture, Sonex, diffusion professional materials such a board to adjust the room acoustics.
Sounds that are very sensitive to human physiological limitations, we often capture less than a few sound details and changes. In order to achieve the ideal sound replay, only with acoustic instrumentation and calibration of some one sidedness, combining personal listening habits, proper balance in audio equipment sound playback and environmental noise, out of their love or cater to the tastes of the public voice. This is a very difficult problem, so golden ears is important

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