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Time:2023/2/10 11:03:36

system parameter
*CNC PLL PLL loop design makes the signal more stable
*The locking function is designed to prevent misoperation by users
*SMT surface mount technology is adopted to make the product quality more stable
*High dynamic double compression shunting technology automatically shunts high and low frequencies to show dynamic characteristics
*Mute and tone code locking circuit to suppress interference
*Sensor type: heart type
*Frequency response: 60hz-15khz (± 2dB)
*Sensitivity (1kHz): -54.5dbv/pa/1.88mv/pa
*Receiver parameter specification
*Receiving mode: CPU control selection + pilot identification reception
*Frequency range: UHF 600-860mhz
*Frequency oscillation mode: PLL phase locked frequency synthesis                                                                                   *Signal to noise ratio: > 105dB (1khz-a)
*Comprehensive distortion: < 0.5% @ 1kHz
*Audio output level: 400mV ~ 800mv
*Audio output impedance: 10K
*Audio output interface: unbalance TRS 6.3mm socket
*Mute & lock loop circuit
*Display mode: LCD + LED
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