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Learn all kinds of effects in audio mixing

Time:2017/11/24 16:27:06
What makes professional recordings sound so professional? Shouldn't it be just a microphone and a guitar? In fact, good recordings provide the materials and the environment for you. For instance, folk music or symphonies need to be recorded on the spot without any modifications.

Effect introduction

In other words, a large number of recording works use the effect tool, so that the voice is more tight, sweeter. These devices are called effect processors, and there are hardware and software versions. You should have seen it in a variety of professional recording studios.

There are many different types of effectors. Some are very used to control recording signals. There are also designs to increase the sense of space. There are some special effects to add to the fun of songs.

Because most popular hardware effectors have the basis of digital technology, processor processors are the first to model software and put it on the market.

There are classic effects models in the market today, and new processing tools made with the advantage of modern computers.

Most of the software sequencer will be bundled with some basic results, there are some need you there from the network or retailers. However, you don't have to spend a lot of money building your effector factory - there are hundreds of free effects that can be used, thanks to the selfless dedication of many talented software developers.


EaReckon's eaReverb is an example of arithmetic reverb plug ins


Reverb is a universal effect - you hear it every day. In short, it is natural or artificial environmental atmosphere.

You must have noticed that the voices in the staircase and the bathroom are different (which is why people like singing in the shower). This is because the sound is reflected from the smooth surface, moving in a particular way in space.

Reverb mimics this effect. It provides a lot of environment presets to add space to the soundtrack.


There are many small echoes in the reverberation, which reflect from the wall surface, enter human ears at different times, and change in tone and volume at the same time.

Manufacturers have achieved this effect in different ways. The old hardware may allow the sound to reflect on a metal spring in a suspended metal plate or box. Digital reverb processors do this by creating and manipulating a lot of reverberations (see the delay part).

Convolution or "pulse" reverberation uses mathematical methods to analyze the signals in real space and to reset this effect on the input signal. Usually, you can control the attenuation or the size of the room and the amount of echo delay.


Reverb can be applied to anything you want to add to your space. It should be used properly in human voices and musical instruments so as not to sound too far away. The application of the drum group will make them more atmosphere and cohesion.


XILS-Lab Le Masque is a powerful top-level delay tool


Delay is the simplest effect. In fact, it's the foundation of many complex effects.

As the name suggests, the function of the delay processor is the manufacturing delay: it delays the input signal and sends it later than the time it enters. Sometimes it is used as a corrective tool - but more often, it is used as a sound enhancement effect.

When integrated with non delayed signals, it creates an echo effect. Sometimes, there will be a lot of echo replicas, and usually the latter will be lower in volume than the previous one. You might hear this effect at the end of a paragraph, or on the guitar's Melody (listen to U2 or David Gilmour).


The working principle of the delay is to copy the signal, and then copy the signal according to the time specified by the user.

The past delay effect was created by using one or more tape machines to change the distance between recording and playback. Digital versions are more abundant, because replay copies are not difficult for modern computers and software. Usually, you can control the delay time, the feedback (echo number) and the signal mixing ratio.

Sometimes, the echo frequency content can also be controlled. This is to mimic the characteristics of old tape devices.


The short delay is very good in the human voice. For two examples, the voices in John Lennon and Buddy Holly. In addition, it also has a good performance in the rhythm and lead guitar.


Like many compressor plug-ins, 112dB Big Blue is based on classic hardware


A compressor is a dynamic processor - it helps to stabilize the volume, especially when the input signal fluctuates in a wide range. Did you ever wonder why the singer, whispering and shouting and screaming among no great volume change? That's the effect of compression. In simple terms, it makes the larger part of the loudness smaller and the smaller the loudness.

Its twins, limiters, do half the thing: smaller parts of the loudness.

The famous producer Tony Visconti (T-Rex, David Bowie) once called compression as "rock and roll voice", this statement is not too exaggerated. Compression is used in all modern music (some complain too much), and it is also an important secret weapon for making professional sounds.


It's hard to fully understand them before you use the compressor. Their changes are very complex, but the simplest classical compressor is only input and
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