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Precautions for the use of wireless microphones

Time:2017/10/16 16:53:57
Many people think that choosing a good wireless microphone can avoid all kinds of interference. In fact, the problem of anti - interference of the microphone is not directly related to the quality of the microphone itself. Only the correct use of the wireless microphone can effectively prolong the service life of the microphone, avoid the error operation: the microphone howling, interference, sound distortion and damage to the microphone components.

Do not use on the network of the wireless microphone →

Because all the parts of the microphone have a certain directionality, if the cover part is held by hand, the directivity and frequency response of the microphone will be changed, and the effect of the palm accumulation will be affected, such as the back and the howling

Do not hold the antenna transmitter position of the microphone →

Generally hand-held microphone, its transmitting circuit and antenna are located in the lower part of the microphone ( far away from the microphone end ), when the human hand touches the antenna area, most RF energy loss due to the lack of access to the air, reduce the use range of the wireless system, and affect the reception effect.

Grabbing two wireless microphones by one hand is the most serious error in the way

In addition to the problem of high frequency harmonic interference, the two more wireless microphones will produce the audio phase and directional interference of the microphone, and damage the original sound quality characteristics of the microphone.

Bogey and microphone " kissing"

When using a handheld wireless microphone, the distance between the microphone and the mouth is generally kept at 5 - 10 cm, and the near - speaking effect will be produced, and the sound quality will be destroyed when the sound is too low. When using the collar type microphone, prevent the microphone from being too far from the mouth and as close as possible to the mouth; The use of headband microphone is to avoid the mouth is facing the microphone, to avoid the impact of air flow, should be moved on both sides.

Avoid the wireless microphone in the face of the speaker using →

If the microphone is directly pointed to the speakers, for the whole system, forming a closed loop, will produce positive feedback ( squealing ), which must be avoided.

Avoid flapping the microphone and blowing into the microphone when trying to sound

Because the pickup part of the microphone is more precise and the part is very delicate, blow the microphone or blow into the microphone easily causes damage or part displacement, and ultimately affects the sound quality.
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