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How does the sound quality that the ear hear and the specification table have fall?

Time:2017/10/13 11:00:58

It's not just now, it's always been a problem. 

The ideal situation is: " if a device sounds great, then his spec sheet looks as beautiful as it is," but in reality, things are not so perfect. Of course, the specifications are important, which is one of the important links that must be taken into account in the process of purchasing commodities. 

Remember one thing, any audio equipment is a playback device, so to determine whether it is good or not suitable for oneself ultimately depends on the ear. So whether the specification of the equipment is expressed in words or chart, it is the performance of the hardware design, not actually listening to the performance. So people in the network discussion string, network audio commentary or magazine will see a group of people very focused on the use of hardware and software to measure audio equipment, and then to the specifications to do good or bad evaluation. Similarly, there is a group of people who think that as long as it sounds good to listen to. Looking at the two aspects: specification test and listening experience, ask: " is this beautiful?" ? " or" does the quality of this play sound like the general beauty of the specification? " he said."

All manufacturers provide specifications, performance charts, etc., are measured in a control environment. The measured microphone is different from the human ear, the measurement machine and microphone can only be measured at the same time for one or two parameters, such as distortion rate, amplitude response ( amplitude response ) or phase response ( phase response ). But the human ear will all be received together, and the way the human ear and the brain operate is inherently different from the machine. This is also why professional audio brand in the design of products, finally rely on experienced listening reviewers to make sound quality control. 

You don't have to say that you have to have golden ears to distinguish between good and bad. Because sound and music are very life things, multi - touch music activities, listen to music and try to understand the differences between the live and CD albums, to compare different sound and headphone goods, to pick out good or suitable for their own goods should not be what difficult. 

A relatively simple example is that some of the introductory headphones have a very nice response frequency and impedance, for example: 14hz ~ 26k, 20 ohm, and high order goods are 20 Hz ~ 22 khz, 32o hm. If you don't look at the price, don't listen, just look at the specifications to choose, it is easy to choose the poor quality products. 

Therefore, the way to choose the sound goods can not only use the specifications to break the life and death. Specification sheet, performance chart can be used together for reference, but ultimately to see and hear is the main selection.

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