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8 common problems in professional audio engineering

Time:2017/3/11 11:54:09

In the course of the construction of professional audio engineering for customers will always encounter a variety of problems, for this reason, small series of specialized summary of some common problems are introduced to you, the following is the specific content:

1, the problem of signal distribution
In the professional sound engineering project is set in the case of several groups of speakers, usually through an equalizer to distribute the signal to multiple amplifiers and speakers. But at the same time also led to a variety of brand models of the amplifier and speakers of mixed use, this distribution of signals may lead to various problems, for example, is consistent with the impedance level distribution is average, each speaker power is required, in addition to use a balance is difficult to adjust the frequency characteristics of the sound field and sound box.
2, graphic equalizer debugging problems
Common graphic equalizer will appear swallow type, mountain type, wave type three spectrum wave shape, spectral wave shapes are more than professional audio engineer human imagination spectrum wave shape and wave shape in spectrum, sound engineering field is not the actual needs of the ideal wave spectrum as everyone knows, the shape of the curve is relatively stable and gentle, if artificially by imagining spectrum and wave shape curve, as can be imagined, the final result is often counterproductive.
3, pressure limiter adjustment problem
In the professional sound engineering, the problem of adjusting the pressure limiter is that the pressure limiter does not work or the effect is too much, which leads to the reaction. Will the former can still be used after the latter problem will lead to serious impact on sound engineering system operation, the specific performance is usually more vocal accompaniment sound is weak so that the performers at a loss.
4, system level adjustment problem
The first is the power amplifier sensitivity control knob is not in place, followed by the sound system does not perform zero level adjustment. There are times when the mixer channel pushes up the sound output slightly, which affects the normal operation and fidelity of the sound system.
5, bass signal processing
The first type of problem is not to use the full frequency signal directly to the power amplifier to drive the speaker; the second problem is that I do not know where to get the bass signal processing. If you do not make direct use of electronic frequency with full frequency signal amplifier to promote sound, although speakers can emit sound and will not damage the speaker unit, but the unit alone low frequency sound as can be imagined; but if inappropriate position from the system gets the bass signal will also give the spot operation sound engineer brought unnecessary trouble.
6, the effect of loop processing
We should take the post fader signal, avoid the microphone effect caused by uncontrolled howling call site, return conditional word can occupy a channel, so the adjustment easier.
7, line connection processing
The sound system of AC interference sound common in professional audio engineering in the line is not in place due to connection processing, and the system has to balance imbalance and imbalance to balance connection, use must comply with the standard. In addition, the use of inferior connector professional sound engineering ban.
8, control problems
The console is the control center of sound system, sometimes on the console, high and low EQ equilibrium for equal increase or decay of said sound system is not set up correctly, should be re commissioning system, adjust the console ban over EQ.

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